UCNS is proud to be a member of a number of Crown Commercial Services Public Sector IT Frameworks, demonstrating our commitment to quality, security and experience in delivering services to NFPs, central and local government;

CCS Framework: Technology Services 2 – RM3804 – Approved on all 4 lots:

Lot 1 - Technology Strategy & Services Design
Lot 2 - Transition and Transformation
Lot 3 - Operational Services Service Group a – End User Services
Lot 3 - Operational Services Service Group b - Operational Management Services
Lot 3 - Operational Services Service Group c - Technical Management
Lot 3 - Operational Services Service Group d - Application and Data Management
Lot 4a- Programmes and Large Projects – Official

CCS Framework: G-cloud 11  - RM1557.11 – Approved for 12 services:

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Cloud Support Services:

  1. UCNS - Cloud IT Infrastructure Management
  2. UCNS - Cloud Service Desk for IT Support
  3. UCNS - Cloud Mitel Telephony Management
  4. UCNS - Cloud Network Readiness Assessment
  5. UCNS - Cloud Cisco IP Telephony Management
  6. UCNS - Cloud GLAM Disconnection from Council Services
  7. UCNS - Cloud IT Infrastructure Management for Museums
  8. UCNS - Cloud IT Infrastructure Management for Libraries
  9. UCNS - Cloud Wi-Fi Heat Map Survey Assessment
  10. UCNS - Cloud IT Server Monitoring and Patch Management
  11. UCNS - Cloud GLAM Management Service (Gallery Library Archive Museum)
  12. UCNS - Cloud IT Migration Service & Migration to Win 10 & Office 365

CCS Framework; Digital Outcomes & Specialists 4 – RM1043

Supply of Digital Specialists:

  • Security consultants
  • Delivery managers
  • Technical architects
  • Business analysts

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